Residential Select Range

Residential Select Range

Residential Select Range

Select Range – Gyprock® plasterboards that are recommended for use in the majority of non-specialist wall and ceiling applications.

Products – Residential Select Range


Gyprock Plus™ 10mm

Product description : Featuring Optimised Core technology, Gyprock Plus is a stronger, lighter plasterboard, accredited to the Australian Standard AS2588. It is used for general internal wall linings and can also be used on ceilings with standard 450mm joist centres.

More info: Gyprock Plus Datasheet

Gyprock Supaceil™ 10mm

Product description : Specifically designed for use on internal ceiling linings, where no specific fire, acoustic or moisture resistant requirements are specified. Gyprock Supaceil spans to 600mm centres and features Optimised Core technology, ensuring the ideal performance-to-weight ratio.

More info: Gyprock Supaceil Datasheet

Gyprock Aquachek™

Product description : Aquachek’s core, face and back are treated to resist the effects of moisture and humidity without compromising the boards integrity. It is specifically designed for use as a lining in wet areas of residential or commercial buildings.

More info: Gyprock Aquachek Datasheet

Gyprock Plus™ 10mm, Recessed Edge/Square Edge (RE/SE) profile

Product description : RE/SE has one square edge and one recessed edge and is manufactured as a wider sheet (1210mm). This combination allows the square edges to be placed at the floor and ceiling with standard horizontal jointing where the boards meet. Ideal for use with narrow cornice (eg.55mm), square set ceilings or where small skirting board and architrave profiles are desired.

More info: Gyprock Plus Datasheet